The IP rejects the extremes of the far-left and far-right. We believe that protecting and preserving Freedom for all citizens, supporting Families and Children, and ensuring Free Markets with limited regulatory burdens are the foundations for personal liberty, economic growth and prosperity.

The full platform is made up of 41 issue statements across 9 topic areas. We do NOT expect full agreement with the platform by members or candidates. We do ask candidates to agree with at least 80% of the statements with no litmus test on what one may disagree with. This leaves room for our members to have open and respectful discussions on issues with other members and members of other parties. The same holds true for our candidates – providing them the freedom to represent themselves and their constituency.   We believe this allow us to balance “organizing” as a party while still putting people first!


The Independence Party supports policies that honor an individual’s right and capacity to decide what is best for themselves. We believe in an inclusive society that protects everyone’s rights, and where all citizens should be free of discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, sex, and sexual orientation.


Families and Children

Families are the foundation of society. Policies designed to support families and the nurturing of children have been woefully underfunded and unappreciated by current policymakers in Minnesota and throughout the country. We strongly support policies that provide a system of support that enables families to adequately care for their needs and enable children to thrive.



The Independence Party considers education a pillar of achieving personal freedoms, public safety and health, and advancing prosperity for all. We know that Public Education provided through state and local governments has been the key to economic advancement for generations and a great contributor to leveling the playing field for economically disadvantaged communities.  Strengthening public education and the programs it provides is critical to building stronger communities, growing our economy, and improving the lives of all.


Tax and Investment

The Independence Party of Minnesota believes in a tax system that is fair and does not impose undue burdens on working and middle class families. We also oppose excessive taxation on small and medium sized business that are essential drivers of state and local economic growth. Furthermore, we support fiscal restraint and responsibility in government with a budget and spending process that limits irresponsible spending.

Agriculture and Rural Communities

The Independence Party is a strong supporter of Agriculture and supports policies and programs designed to support its role as an economic driver of the Minnesota economy and support for the development and sustainment of rural communities that are the heart of this economic engine.

Preserving and Improving Democracy

The Independence Party believes that elections need to be free and fair, accessible to all, and election outcomes – fairly administered and credibly counted – need to be recognized. This is the basis for our Democracy. Any deviation represents a threat to our democratic system, our basic freedom, and our way of life. Further, our democratic systems need to be strengthened and improved.

Public Safety

The Independence Party believes that public safety and the fair administration of the law is a central tenet to personal liberty. You are not free if you are not safe in your community. You are not free if your home, personal property, and loved ones are under threat of violence, crime, and destruction. Our communities require public saftety and the fair administration of justice to all.


Authentic and Innovative Leadership

The Independence Party promotes leadership that acts for the greater good, prepares us for the future and remains accountable to the citizenry while valuing transparency and honesty above expediency. The use of a variety of methods, including technology, should be utilized to broaden input and allow for affordable and adequate provisions of the citizenry to address grievances.

Energy and Natural Resources

Minnesota is a mining state. Its current iron ore mining operations produce approximately 40 million tons of high-grade iron ore annually which accounts for 75 percent of the total U.S. Iron Ore production. Minnesota is also the home to extensive deposits of minerals such as copper-nickel, titanium gold, diamonds and platinum that are critical to driving the green economy and supporting the development of new applications and technologies in aerospace, military, and medical fields. We support the environmentally responsible and sustainable development of these resources in an “all-of-the-above” strategy of achieving a carbon-free economy and driving economic growth in the state.

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