Donation benefits and rewards

The IP has 5 donation categories (and, you can also give your own unique amount too!) from the low-cost Thundering Herd through to the Quadriga Club; from as little as $2 month to much more based on your ability and desire. Support the IP at your chosen level!! If you would like the monthly “Thundering Herd” list $2 in the Other field and “Monthly/Sustaining”. You may do the same for the “Capitol Club” ($240 one-time donation) and the “Quadriga Club” ($42 Monthly). If you’d like to contribute by check please make it out to: Independence Party of Minnesota and mail to, PO Box 40495, St. Paul, MN 55104

PCR program – give $50, get $50 back

Minnesota has a mix of public campaign funding mechanisms. One of these is the Political Contribution Refund (PCR) program. With the PCR an eligible voter may give $50 per year ($100 per married couple) to qualifying candidates and parties of their choice and receive that donation back as a refund. Your IP is a qualifying party for the PCR refund program.

The idea is to encourage individual donations and the IP relies heavily on your support through this program. You make your donation, receive a receipt and a form to fill to send to the State. You send in the form and, in about 1 month, you get your donation refunded to you. If you would like to make a recurring donation we will send the receipt and form later in the year so you maximize your refund.

Please select your donation level and frequency below. If you would like to give a different amount to the Federal Account – please select “other” and enter the amount. Maximum amount for a Federal Account contribution is $10000. The Federal Account does NOT qualify for our tiered donation system. All donations, federal or not, are not tax deductible.

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