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It should take more than 2 to debate

(Letter to Editor from CD 1 Chair, Tom Marpe)

Allowing debates with only the Republican and Democratic candidates does the electorate a disservice. There are many other political parties that are

Debates are the only venue where you can hear from other candidates that do not revolve around money. The electorate does not hear the views and policies of other candidates because they don’t have the money for television advertising or large-scale mailings. For example, the Independence-Alliance Party has a candidate for Minnesota governor that has a new policy idea of “jury democracy,” but the electorate will never hear about it.

One way we can decrease the polarized electorate is to make sure that those alternative ideas be heard. My suggestion is that those groups who schedule the debates always require at least three parties to be represented.

The IP and Alliance Party "In the News"

Your Independence-Alliance, IP Candidates and National Party in the news:

State Convention and Annual Donor Appreciation Dinner Set for Saturday, June 17 in Farmington

The Independence-Alliance Annual State Convention is set for Saturday, June 17 with a 2:30pm start time. This meeting will be at the Dakota County Library in Farmington.

The main items of business will be to elect our four State Officers:  State Chair, State Director, State Treasurer and State Secretary. Note that the State Chair/State Director run as a slate (like Governor/Lt. Governor). Read the call and see the agenda here.

Following the Convention we will have our Annual Donor Appreciation Dinner at the Longbranch Saloon and Eatery in Farmington.

If you are interested in a leadership position and/or have any questions or would like to seek an open position please email us at .

Op-Ed Commentary Response: Vote for the Candidates You Support

Recently, an op-ed writer wrote of third parties as spoilers. IP State Chair Phil Fuehrer has written a response encouraging people to vote for the candidates they support.

What do you get when you vote for alternative candidates? You get more voices in the system, more choices at the ballot box and a better chance at a truly responsive and representative government.

IP Blog Entry: COVID-19 Spectrum of Leadership Decisions; Not “Correct” or “Incorrect” Answers

Read our newest IP Blog entry. Written by State Chair Phil Fuehrer on leadership decision-making spectrums:

Politics, like life, is complicated, as is leadership. As much as partisans on both sides of the liberal/conservative aisle would like to convince us otherwise there is rarely a directly “correct” or “wrong” answer or decision. Instead, there is more often a spectrum of decisions, each with…

You can read the full blog here.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events of interest:

  • State Convention, Saturday, June 17, 2:30pm start – In-person at the Dakota County Library in Farmington.
  • Donor Appreciation Dinner and Fundraiser, Saturday, June 17 at 4:45pm in Farmington.
  • State Executive Committee Meeting, Sunday, June 11 – 1pm, on Zoom, contact us for the meeting link

Email: for more information on any upcoming event.

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In 1992, a group of Minnesota citizens established a brand new political party—the Independence Party. These bold, visionary citizens were not part of the political elite, captains of industry, or members of the idle rich looking to fill some time. They were ordinary citizens whose disgust with constant budget deficits, big money special interest influence, and extreme ideological dominance forced them to action.

Nearly thirty years later those same frustrations have only grown worse.  Now aligned with a national force, the Independence-Alliance Party continues its work to solving the issues and giving Minnesotans a true voice.


Our philosophy is that the only wasted vote is the one cast for something you don’t want. If you’re voting the “lesser of two evils” then you’re wasting your vote.  Vote your conscience and it’s never a wasted vote.


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