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New IP Platform Promotes Freedom, Families and Free Markets - Creates a "New Center"

(Blog entry by Robert Hopkins – State Executive Committee At-Large Member)

The new Independence Party Platform focuses on three main principles – Freedom, Families and Free Markets. These principles are promoted through specific policy positions that call for protecting and preserving Freedom for all citizens, supporting Families and Children, and
ensuring Free Markets with limited regulatory burdens as the foundations for personal liberty, economic growth, and prosperity.

Another key principle to the new Platform is Strengthening Democracy, which undergirds all efforts to achieve greater personal liberty, support families and children, and foster economic growth.

The “New Center” policies outlined in the Platform seize on the best ideas from the left and right and are based on common sense values, and economically populist and free market solutions with the goal of creating a benevolent, dynamic, and uplifting free society that is focused on the well-being of all Minnesotans.

For too long our politics have been mired in the ideological chasms of the far-left and far-right leading to gridlock and stagnation. Instead, the Independence Party rejects these extremes and embraces positions and policies that advance a centrist agenda that will lead to a more inclusive and equitable society in which all citizens can benefit and grow.

Read our new Platform, including the policy positions supporting each plank here:

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Looking for Candidates! Run Your Campaign and Serve Your Constituents.

Tired of the fighting and the gridlock with government seen at most levels? Consider running for office – we are looking for candidates.

The Independence-Alliance is working to give voters a new kind of candidate; one with the freedom to run their own campaign and to serve their constituents. While, yes, we are a party we work very hard to create a party where membership and candidates have a large core of common bonds and values while also putting people over party.

How? Candidates need only agree with 80% of the platform. And, there are no “litmus tests” with which planks one “must” agree with or cannot disagree with. There are no “third rails” or “poison pills”.  That gives us a Venn Diagram (overlapping agreement) of at least 60% from member to member or candidate to candidate – and, that is good enough.

If you are interested in running for office from City Council to U.S. Senate and/or have any questions please email us at .

National Term Limits Day - Tuesday, February 27

Join us on Tuesday, February 27 at the Capitol Complex in Conference Room 116b of the Administration Building between 2pm and 4pm.

It should take more than two to debate!

(Letter to Editor from CD 1 Chair, Tom Marpe)

Allowing debates with only the Republican and Democratic candidates does the electorate a disservice. There are many other political parties that are

Debates are the only venue where you can hear from other candidates that do not revolve around money. The electorate does not hear the views and policies of other candidates because they don’t have the money for television advertising or large-scale mailings. For example, the Independence-Alliance Party has a candidate for Minnesota governor that has a new policy idea of “jury democracy,” but the electorate will never hear about it.

One way we can decrease the polarized electorate is to make sure that those alternative ideas be heard. My suggestion is that those groups who schedule the debates always require at least three parties to be represented.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events of interest:

  • State Executive Committee Meeting, Sunday, May 5, 2024 – 1pm, on Zoom, contact us for the meeting link
  • 2024 Annual State Convention, Saturday, May 11, 2024, 2:30pm start, Burnhaven Library, Burnsville, MN Contat for more information.
  • Grand Old Day, Sunday, June 2, 2024, 9am to 5pm – stop by our booth and sign our candidate petitions!!

Email: for more information on any upcoming event.

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In 1992, a group of Minnesota citizens established a brand new political party—the Independence Party. These bold, visionary citizens were not part of the political elite, captains of industry, or members of the idle rich looking to fill some time. They were ordinary citizens whose disgust with constant budget deficits, big money special interest influence, and extreme ideological dominance forced them to action.

Nearly thirty years later those same frustrations have only grown worse.  Now aligned with a national force, the Independence-Alliance Party continues its work to solving the issues and giving Minnesotans a true voice.


Our philosophy is that the only wasted vote is the one cast for something you don’t want. If you’re voting the “lesser of two evils” then you’re wasting your vote.  Vote your conscience and it’s never a wasted vote.


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